About Me

Hi! I'm Vedang. I live in Pune, India and I like building products from the ground up.

I'm passionate about programming, and some of my work can be found on GitHub. I use Emacs as my editor-for-everything, and blog about it from time to time.

I love talking about technology. If you're talking about distributed systems, programming languages, performance, data structures, Emacs, Git, do call me over!

I love reading books, and I write book reviews once in a while. I also have strong personal opinions on mythology and culture, and I use this space to try and convert random strangers to my point of view.

This is what I'm working on right now: What I'm Doing Now

If you want to get in touch, please send me a message at vedang.manerikar on Google's email service. I'm also active on Mastodon and Twitter.

Presentations & Talks


Open-source Contributions

Some useful things on my Github account:

  • cljc-fsrs: A Clojure(script) implementation of FSRS v4 from open-spaced-repetition.
  • clj-logging: A template to configure structured logging in your Clojure projects.
  • pdf-tools: Emacs support library for PDF files.
  • clj-fdb: An early version Clojure wrapper on top of the Java API for FoundationDB.
  • meilisearch-clj: Clojure client for the Meilisearch API.
  • bb-scripts: Small scripts written in Babashka.
  • org-mode-crate: Super powered configuration for org-mode. Everything I use in my org flow.
  • emacs-up: A bare-bones config for Clojure programming in Emacs.
  • cheatsheets: Some common commands / ways to do things. The Git one is especially useful.

Unmaintained projects, but I am proud of these:

  • ox-neuron: An exporter for Org-Mode, which exports org-mode content to markdown, as understood by the Neuron and Emanote Static Site generators.
  • el-spice: A minor mode to improve the coding experience of writing Emacs Lisp.
  • nginx-nonewlines: A Nginx module to strip out all whitespace. (This was my Helpshift Interview task)

(This is me in 2018)

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