My answer to "How do I get started with Emacs with minimal config"

OP's Requirements:

Features I want (have no issue trying to add manually, but would like to see it there) -

  • Project Management
  • LSP with Linting
  • Popup/Toggle-based Terminals

My Answer:

I'd be happy to explain / work with you on these requirements. What you are looking for:

  1. project.el : Understanding what a project is (actions like searching in projects, switching projects, opening files in projects etc). IF you mean the other project management (task management) then org-mode which is a beast of it's own. Both are built-ins.
  2. eglot for LSP. Invoke with M-x eglot from inside whichever project.
  3. I did not understand what this means.

A long time back, I wrote some documents that you might find useful:

  1. What a Programming Editor should be able to do : a list of table-stakes operations, and key-bindings for my setup of Emacs:
  2. An Opinionated Emacs Tutorial: Getting started fast. : A presentation I used to give in my previous work-place for getting started with Emacs: (This is more philosophy than quick-tips, but might be useful to you)

Published On: Tue, 29 Aug 2023. Last Updated On: Tue, 14 May 2024.