Sights, sounds, tastes, vibes of New York City, my recommendations to Kapil and Payal

Hello Kapil and Payal!

I hope you have a wonderful time in New York. I'd promised Kapil that I'd send him a list of my recommendations, so here they are:

Great Walks to build up an appetite!

NYC is amazing for walking. Here are my suggestions (starting from the best):

  1. Walk on Broadway, starting from St Marks Plaza all the way to Central Park (as much as you can): We start the walk for shopping + food, and then continue walking because the architecture becomes gorgeous.
  2. Walk from South Cove Park along the Hudson River all the way down to Battery Park (Statue of Liberty Vista Point): You walk through a gorgeous park, greenery on one side and the river on the other. Great for Romance.
  3. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and then walk the Brooklyn Promenade: This is similar to above, with the added advantage that there are excellent restaurants within walking distance of the Promenade. If you do this, try Juliana's Pizza (and not the more famous Grimaldi's next to it) when you cross Brooklyn bridge, and then explore DUMBO if you are interested in architecture, or go the other direction if you want a gorgeous night-time walk experience (the lights are glorious)
  4. The High Line: Very touristy, so possibly super crowded. But if you are lucky and don't get too much of a crowd, it's totally worth it. The art along the walk is gorgeous. Start at the North end and head down to Chelsea Market, where you can have the second best Tacos in New York at 'Los Tacos No. 1'


  1. Reunion (Israeli Food): It's very difficult to pick a "best" but this is what pops up in my head when I think of my favourite food experience.
  2. Birria-Landia: Best Tacos I've tasted in my life. This is a small road-side stall in Brooklyn. But don't be fooled, it's the absolute best Mexican food I ate.


My favourite bars, pubs, lounges, in no particular order:

  1. Stickett Inn : Cider bar with the best cocktails I've had so far (their star drink is called Stickett Inn Cider stick it inside her)
  2. Bathtub Gin : Beautiful speakeasy, jazz and burlesque performances
  3. Gallow Green : The rooftop restaurant of McKittrick Hotel. Everyone is so fancy here :D. When you go for 'Sleep no more' check this out as well

Ice Cream!

New York is famous for ice-cream. Honestly, I think we do it better in India. They don't have nuts and raisins, they don't have wonderful crunchy mixed flavors. But, here are the recommendations (starting from the best):

  1. Amorino's
  2. Van Leeuwen's
  3. Big Gay Ice Cream


Apart from the famous Central Park, try and hang out at:

  1. Byrant Park and Union Square Park: The markets around these parks is super fun, there are lots of temporary stalls for different kinds of food and trinkets.
  2. Tomkins Square Park: Is a fun park to read a book in, and the super famous Tomkins Square Bagels are a must try.

Absolutely Don't Miss

  1. Central Park: You've heard about this from everyone. It's absolutely amazing. When I go back to New York, my first sunny day is always going to be in Central Park. See if you can attend a 'Shakespeare in the Park' play!
  2. Noguchi Museum: The MET is amazing, but if you want to see a glorious use of space, check out Noguchi. The set designer in you will be pleased!

Sites I used to keep track of the latest events when I was in NYC:

Published On: Fri, 18 Aug 2023. Last Updated On: Tue, 14 May 2024.